Ride Suggestions

Hello Zwift,

I love your software program. My cycling interest has never peaked so much on a trainer. Great job!  I also love being a Ride Leader :slight_smile:

I have just three areas that I think would enhance Zwift for everyone based on some discussion with the other engineers here at work.

  1. It would be so beneficial if Zwift would show the mph on the screen taken out to the tenths ie, 23.5mph instead of just 23 mph. Programs like Swift and Garmin do it. Why not Zwift? Believe me there is a lot more power output needed to go from 25 to 25.8 LOL.

  2. When doing sanctioned ride events it would be nice for all team members to have a different colored moving dot in the top right screen. It makes it so much easier to differentiate who our riders are on the road. Having everyone with blue dots is difficult for ride leader and sweeps to make out who’s who.

  3. Lastly, how are the time gaps calculated? They just don’t seem right because when I used to ride Tour de Giro their time gaps were calculated just like the Tour de France. The time gaps I suspect are not calculated with check points thus the large swings in time. Please elaborate on how this is calculated and is there a way to mimic how pro venues show their time gaps?

totally agree with the dot color comment .  I think time gaps are calculated by current speed and distance, but if someone crest a hill before you their speed changes dramatically. I think overall they do a good job on time gaps.