TT finish line inaccurate

Just did a TT in the new event module. The start was pretty cool being in the cue and progressively moving to the start. However, the distance tape in the HUD and the distance of the race did not match. The distance tape finished with a finish line flag on the minimap but the actual race was about another 3/4 of a mile or so from were the tape went to 0.0. As you can imagine this made pacing a challenge. Despite this, the TT module was a blast but, damn confusing at the end.

I experienced the same issue (Tempus Fugit route) and also found it frustrating. It definitely made theat last bit kind of a challenge after having increased my effort with the expectation of the finish line coming much sooner. I noted a number of other comments to this effect on the other thread (about the new release, as a whole) so hopefully Zwift will take notice and fix the issue.

Another thing I noted, which is not specifically an issue with the TT events perhaps is more noticeable, is the inability of Zwift to differentiate between ‘riders nearby’ and ‘riders ahead/behind’ on a route where riders go both directions on the same road. This wasn’t a huge issue for me today, as there weren’t a lot of riders, but seeing riders who are behind you on the clock, but coming toward you on the course, listed as being ahead of you (and with a rapidly decreasing time difference) is truly annoying. And in an event with a lot of riders it would become very easy to lose lose sight of the rider you are chasing, and the one chasing you. I hope they can sort this issue (for all bi-directional routes), also.

Outside of that, though, I thought the TT functionality was great. I liked that the start time algorithm appears to fill an entire conveyor before starting a new one, so that if there are not many riders everyone isn’t ‘on the front row’. There appeared to be a few folks who missed their start, though, which was a bummer (long gap to the next rider in front of me). I’m hoping that if people can’t show up they will remove themselves from the event, and that Zwift will then slot the next person to sign up into that ‘hole’.


Yep, posted the same thing here:

James Hodges reckons it’s a known bug. Flipping anoying.

Yeah that’s annoying too, but has been like that for so long I doubt they consider it an actual bug.



Yup - I had the same issue on the flat course today. I raced another 2k or so after the official finish line before it finally completed.