Update: Tour de Zwift, Late Join and Race Results/Real-Time Position

When we kicked off Tour de Zwift, we had enabled both Late Join (you can join up to 30 minutes after the start) as well as Race Results (which provides real-time position and end of event results). While TdZ is not a race, we realized that there are riders who like knowing position and race results so we kept the Race Results option enabled.

TdZ has been bigger than we imagined which is awesome but all this participation has amplified some compatibility issues with Late Join and Race Results that caused crashes and confusing experiences for riders. Also, we’ve seen a few of you mis-routed which has led to odd finishing times.

For these reasons, we disabled Race Results for Stage 4-9 of the Tour de Zwift, opting to leave Late Join enabled to ensure users with scheduling challenges were still able to enjoy the Tour.

We’ve been tracking feedback at Zwift HQ and are actively working through these issues for future tours, but in the interim, we expect this will fix the majority of issues we’ve heard of. Thanks for bearing with us. Ride On.

today i was warming up in NY ( today’s default) companion app was showing going and was connected to my old core duo imac.
I was never offered the Zwift stage 16.00 i was "entered” for
Had to exit Zwift, and restart, resulting in a lost 1km at the start.

I like knowing my race "position” as i ride, gives me a push to pass those few places a head, good to see how many place i loose on the climbs ( i’m 103kg)


First, I love Zwift and am really happy to have this as a training tool, particularly in the cold weather months. It’s great to see the big increase in fellow Zwifters in the game and to have the scope and scale of events available continue to grow. I’m all in on Zwift! I understand challenges in dealing with the expanded scale of event participation, particularly for large events like TDZ. Just my vote on the choice made to keep Late Joining and shut off Race Results: given the access to each of these stages (~24 across two days/per stage, plus the make up events coming in early Feb), I would think there’s more than enough opportunity to access an event that works for everyone’s schedule. I would think keeping Race Results is a bigger benefit for the thousands of people who are making to events on time than allowing a minority to join a given event late. Just my two cents…

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@Jim_Walpole that was my first reaction when I saw this as well, but then I had to remind my self that this is advertised as a Group ride, and by default group rides always has the late start option. So I have to agree that zwift made the right decision.

In over 3 years I have not used the late join option so that is why my reaction was the same as yours.

i, for one, am thankful you turned off the race results junk. i’m sure some people like to look at it and stuff, but my totally meets spec pc was crashing at the end of every tdz ride and it turns out it was that dumb end results screen crashing me. everything’s working great now.

Given that Zwift refused to let me join Stage 5 a measly three minutes late (the Join? button had no A/B/C circles and clicking on it had no effect), I am finding the loss of in-race position especially annoying. For someone like me who is not a natural sprinter and usually can’t afford a long pre-race warmup due to scheduling issues, being able to see race position is a morale booster as I drop back early on, get going in race and improve my position gradually…


Same here. I was 1 minute late and couldn’t join.

Doing TdZ stage 8 yesterday I ended up three minutes late (thanks to Zwift crashing while switching from Watopia to London) and had no problem joining the event.

We have an update to this update. :slight_smile:

Closing this thread to keep the discussion in the most up-to-date news about these changes. :ride_on: