Late join in races?

I had a very disturbing bug happen to me – curious if anyone else has had this experience. I was set to race one of the cobble races yesterday and was warming up in the pen. About a minute before the start of the race I had a physical problem with my Kickr (corded earbuds that I hadn’t noticed were lying nearby got caught in the flywheel). To extricate them I had to disconnect the trainer and by the time I was done a good 10 minutes had passed. I was still in the pen, but had to leave the event in order for Zwift to register the trainer after I had reconnected it. I planned to find another event or free ride. But I noticed that Zwift had an option to rejoin the event in progress (obviously usually it won’t let you join if a race has started). I was curious what would happen, so I did that. It not only placed me in the event, but it put me with the front riders (as in a late join on a group ride) and then proceeded to act as if I had been in the race all along. The only sign that something was off was that the mileage I had completed (as listed on the list of riders on the right side) was less than those who had been in the race from the start. I decided to see what would happen if I finished. (I didn’t want to affect the race, so I dropped back and rode alone behind the leading group) Another rider appeared from nowhere with the front group a bit later, so this was not a problem limited to me. Once the race finished, Zwift, Zwiftpower, and Zwiftracing all treated my result as if I had ridden the whole race. I assume there’s some issue with late join not being disabled properly for races, but not sure whether this was a one-time thing with this particular race or affects other races as well. Also not sure how best to report/explain this to Zwift. Obviously if it is a global problem it can be abused quite easily to affect a race. Teammates at Galaxy suggesting tagging @James_Bailey, so doing that here.


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It does look like it is setup to have late join enabled.

Huh. That seems highly problematic for a race. Any thoughts on how to inform Zwift that it should be changed? Given that this is their own race series, it seems likely that someone at Zwift HQ just made an error in setting it up. At least we know it’s not a wider problem, so that’s good.

It only seem to be on for the Richmond races.

Interesting. I was pretty sure we had a late joiner in an early break I was in when I did Stage 2 of cobbled classics last week. I convinced myself I was imagining things and I had just missed the rider in the break and that he had just popped back in after using a ghost powerup. Less sure of that now.

Just be aware that you tagged the wrong James Bailey (although we do sometimes ending up as each other’s messaging service!)

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oh, sorry… There seem to be a lot of James Baileys here. If anyone knows which one is the right one, please tag or let me know and I’ll edit the original post.

This is the one. @James_Zwift


Hey Dmitry… i have posted a link to this on Zwift Racers FB tagging who i believe is the correct James Bailey :grin:

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Zwift are cloning their employees ?

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Thanks James Bailey

Can someone send me a link to the event itself?

It’s probably just got late join turned on in error which can easily be fixed for subsequent weeks.

Can’t link, but I think event ID was 3620258

I didn’t see any of the Cobble Classics show up, so maybe a fluke, but of course you can always run “Allows Late Join” filter on Race events in ZHacks

That event had late join enabled, but only in D.

I’ve done a spot check of this week’s events and they all seem to be okay.

Thanks for looking into this. Glad to see that it was just a minor error, rather than a more global problem.

Likely to be my fault I’m afraid. Sorry for the experience that you had.

ah, no worries. Given my pre-start equipment problem, I was expecting not to do the race at all, so was mostly just trying to figure out how this had happened and how the software would treat it, while also making sure not to affect the race…