Position at finish

I’ve seen some comments about the rider list and wonder if I just experienced the same thing.
I did my first race/organized ride of the season yesterday, the TDZ stage 1.
Was supposed to be an easy ride but couldn’t resist and decided to push the pace and keep with a faster group

I got dropped on the final lap and then resolved not to let another rider pass me without an all out effort

I succeeded and while in game, it looked like the nearest rider was 11-14 secs behind and was solo.
On Zwift power, it looks like I won a sprint finish with 10 riders within 3 secs.
Has the other rider position been this incorrect for all rides or just TDZ?


In events that are explicitly set up in Zwift as races, it’s likely that all participants have their accounts connected to ZwiftPower. Tour de Zwift isn’t a race, so there’s going to be a lot of participants who won’t be “seen” by Zwiftpower.

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I realize that many people aren’t on ZP, but the mini map and the rider list did not indicate there were other riders near by.

Your ZP results look like you and 10 others had a good sprint at the line!

My point exactly, there appeared to be no one there in game.

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