Event / race ranking issues

Hi folks, since some time I observe that even when finishing an event in the first positions of 100’s of riders, I will be ranked some where in the midfield or further down. When comparing my stats as well as cat with those listed in front of me, I can’t see any reason why some riders are listed better, although I’ve finished clearly ahead and I’m partly even in lower categery vs them. I’ve calibrated my break exctly on the spot, no other cheating from my side (age, weight, FTP, etc.) but the outcome looks somehow unrealistic to me.
Any ideas what to look at? Thx a lot! Mykl

In timed group rides, results are random and meaningless.

Some races are ranked by points and not finishing order.

If you share event IDs from ZwiftPower you can get feedback here about why the order is the way it is.

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Hi Paul, not sure what’s meant by the event ID, but the name was Cycle Nation Joburg Sundowner
Thu Jan 12th
Thursday 18:00
I finished around 15 place, but got listed 173rd in ZwiftPower :thinking:

Zwift ID is 3418076.

And as @Paul_Southworth wrote - it is a group ride.

If you pick group rides that are defined by distance instead of time, you should see accurate finishing order, though results in ZwiftPower will only show people who opted in to using ZwiftPower.

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