Race Event riders with multiple IDs

I have noticed recent when finishing a race, more often than not, the rider in front of me, who, let’s say finished 63rd, also finished 64th, 65th and 66th, putting me in 67th, even though I was only one place behind(their stats are all the same, time, power etc) I don’t know how they do it (perhaps log on and pair with multiple pcs and ipads) but, what’s the point of letting this happen on Zwift? It’s great to have an exciting race experience, but coming, perhaps 100th, when you know that people in front are grabbing multiple result places, makes all the hard work and sweat seem a little pointless!

Are these results from Zwiftpower Steve?

Hi Paul, no these are the instant results on Zwift immediately after finishing. I did check on Zwiftpower and it seems that it’s all ok on there. So… Glitch on Zwift only?

Seems it is a Zwift glitch Steve.

I remember on a recent ride I had  a couple of entries on the ‘live’ display, hopefully Zwift are working their magic on the problem.

In that case, I’m sure they are and all will be fine in the end.

I’ve also seen this, on almost every large group ride/race (large as in I’m finishing 50+)