Zwiftpower results incorrect

Hi there, I just got 10th place in zwiftpower results in my last race, but two people I was way ahead of at the line are listed as finishing ahead of me. It even shows me finishing 1-2 seconds ahead of them, yet still places them ahead of me. Why did this happen? Can it be fixed so I can get my extra ranking points?

Was it a race or a ride. Time or distance/laps? If it’s a ride, then no ranking points. If it’s a timed ride, then the results for reasons beyond comprehension are COMPLETELY random. The sweep in this morning’s BMTR 60 minute ride finished ahead of me and actually “won”. Doesn’t get more random than that.

The results arent finalised yet Caleb (the green lightning bolts will turn to blue) - have to be patient and let the Zwiftpower hamsters do their thing.

Also note that it mentions points for primes but details arent shown - they will impact final results too.

It was a race, that’s interesting though I didn’t know that about timed rides. That is random haha. Thanks fr the reply

Got it. I didn’t realize it takes time for the results to be filtered like that. Thanks for the info

To clarify, normal races can take up to 6 hours according to Zwift, but 24 is safe. A lot are fairly instant in my experience.

Points races are normally at the mercy of the organiser (I say normally as I dont do many of those).

And Zwiftpower is also having some reasonably serious issues at the moment and results may also be impacted by this.

ok. Are the results of the points race that I did solely based on points then? The final finishing position had no impact on my placement except that I got the last points banner? I’m having a hard time understanding these “primes” I didn’t know they were a feature.


Points races are purely points but of course if you finish 1st time wise, you are going to get lots of points. But someone who finishes behind you might also gets additional points from the primes and therefore place ahead of you.

Primes points can be allocated by first to a nominated banner, fastest in a sprint etc. These are normally well defined by the organiser but normally done on their facebook pages.

In the race you did, the points awarded for placing (overall time) are in the “ad” - here’s a snip from it which probably explains better than I am!

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Results now look finalised.

You got 60 points for coming 8th fastest but you show as 10th as 2 people who were slower got prime points, and you didnt.

Points totally change race dynamics and if the points race is part of a series, like this one is, you can also develop strategy based on the courses and your competition (because you get to know the regulars, and get to know their strengths and weaknesses).


Thanks for the detailed replies. You taught me something new about zwift racing! Next time I will check and see if the race is based on points on the race’s Facebook page.

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