ZwiftPower Race Ranking is broken

I’ve encountered issues with ZwiftPower race rankings, notably delayed points distribution from a race last week (still waiting for the points) and also I see inaccuracies in ranking from a race done today with zwifters who exit that race early yet are counted in final results.

This flaw could unfairly influence race outcomes and points. Are others facing similar problems?

Hi @Yassine_Sissi_BZR, welcome to the forums.

Are Zwiftpower race rankings used for any reason, what is the point of them? As far as I know, they don’t affect race categories, or restrict anyone from entering races. I’m not sure they are actually used for anything at all? Perhaps you know?

Hello Mike,
Absolutely, the purpose of group rides is to enjoy the experience without the pressure of ranking points. However, races are a direct means to challenge ourselves and compare our performance with other Zwifters. That’s the essence of the points system. At least, that would be the case if the system were functioning as intended, which, unfortunately, seems to be increasingly questionable.

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Unfortunately ZwiftPower is really struggling lately. I hope things improve after the Big Spin events are over. My guess is that it’s getting overwhelmed.

do you ever use

But unfortunately ZwiftRacing has to use ZwiftPower results. In the situation posted by the OP the same wrong ZP results are copied across incorrectly to ZwiftRacing.

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results or race ranking points?

the results are he got 8th place, and on you can track your vElo score and compare to others, some might argue that is far superior to whatever Zwiftpower rankings are.


I agree ZR ranking is better than ZP ranking even though I have previously stated I think ZP ranking could do a fairly good job with some relatively simple modifications.

However in this situation ZR has used the incorrect ZP results and awarded ranking increases to the top 7 in the results, when they were not top 7 in the race, and the true winner of the race has lost ranking points.

Any system is only as good as the information it receives.

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Oh I see now, yeah that is bogus info

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Agree. At this stage ZR is essentially a front-end improvement. sharing the same backend and thus inherits ZP’s inaccuracies. Lets hope dev team is working for data quality check to benefit both platforms ZR/ZP.

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@Yassine_Sissi_BZR - thanks for the report on the incorrect race results on the EVO CC Race Series event. It appears the issue isn’t specific to ZwiftPower as web results have similar result discrepancies. The team has identified the issue in our backend and is working to fix.

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Not just that. power reporting is broken too. My 15 sec sprint last night shows a 4.6. My video begs to differ. As does the results that pop up end of race. And also my legs and lungs. And yes, that is with the blue lighting bolt fit file. That’s bad if you want to keep track of your efforts.

I guess we’re in Caddyshack land “Then how to you measure yourself against other golfers?”
“By height”