Race Event - 5 days later, no points for anyone

Finished a fairly large field race about 5 days ago, but ZP never gave ranking points for the finish to anyone. Is there any solution for this @zwift?


the “Event Ranking” has been very slow and odd the last couple of days. Yesterday I was awarded points for a race, now these points are removed from me and the rest of the riders as well.

the current queue for Event rankings: 4,365
(2121-12-12 16:54 UTC)

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I noticed that, it seems they run it once a day.

I have done 3 events since this event in question, and all of those gave the ranking points. It would seem this one event is where the points did not calculate correctly for anyone, but it’s listed as a race.

I received ranking points for my race last night ( :trophy: ) so they do seem to be working but I’ve heard some mutterings of some oddness around ranking points not appearing or appearing and then disappearing.

Please let me know if you see any further oddness and I’ll keep an eye out.

“oddness” seen!

exactly as you say “appearing and then disappearing”. Yesterday 2121-12-12 22:30 UTC, the points was back for my two most recent races (zid=2502192, zid=2498189). This morning they are now gone for the second time, for all participants. The only trace of the most recent race “2502192” is that the 300 point I earned actually have been added to my ranking.

The easiest way to see all these missing rankings is to list results from one of the big teams (remember to enable “rank for event”). Right now rankings seems missing from early Saturday EU time again. [DZR]

They might disappear from view, but still count for your race ranking

Pretty sure that is not the case with the event in reference at the start of my post. This would have been one of my better results in the last 90 days, and it would have adjusted my ranking.

Again, not a single person in that event got points, but it is listed as a race in Zwiftpower.

The bug where points come and go from say the listing area or your account event history has existed for along time now, and yes it will not effect your rank (unless it was a WTRL TtT event and they erased the points, which strangely enough seems not the method anymore.)

It might have Race in the title but it may be incorrectly configured at Zwift’s end.

arhh sorry I have highjacked the thread then. When I “left” Zwift races in early April, it wasn’t common that the rankings would randomly appear / disappear.

it is not just mutterings it seems. Could you please confirm if Zwift is working to solve this or not? Actually it would be nice if Zwift put a sticky at the top of “zwift power community” with a list of know issues.