ZwiftPower ranking points don't match result for Points Races

On the weekend I finished 5th in a points race on Zwift.

Herd Summer Racing League: zid=2928225

The format of the points race is that you score points according to your times on each sprint segment, plus points for your position across the finish line.

I happened to get dropped from the bunch very early but still sprinted for each segment, so I scored enough points to finish 5th despite crossing the line dead last.

I noticed the ranking points in ZwiftPower don’t seem to reflect the result.

For example, I scored 221.47 ZP ranking points while 6th place scored 121.79 (lower is better).

The ranking points for the top-six are as follows:
1st - 152.46
2nd - 144.79
3rd - 129.46
4th - 160.13
5th - 221.47 (me)
6th - 121.79

My guess is that the ZwiftPower ranking points are reflecting the order of finishing across the line, not the actual result in the points race.

Can this be fixed?

Yeah, I don’t think there is a way to change this, based off of the points races I’ve done, this is how all of the races are scored(bullseye points race, sz crit crusher, some usa cycling races). I believe @James_Zwift manages this series, so he probably knows whether this is a setting that can be changed, or if this is just the way Zwift Power works.


I’ve done the TFC Mad Monday races which are points based also. The initial results show finish order but then usually by the next AM the event organizers have updated the results to points scored. Then the ZP points reflect that. So maybe check the results again.

TFC Mad Monday races don’t have points awarded by Primes order that I can see (only looked at a couple of events), still in finish order.

Just looked at the 4 TFC MMs I’ve done and they’re all ranked in order of points scored, not finishing time.

This isn’t “broken”. Zwiftpower always issues ranking points based on your position at the finish line, even when the race format is different.

There isn’t anything you can do to change this.

This has no impact on ranking points.

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Thanks everyone for their replies and thanks James for the explanation.

That’s a problem because the Zwiftpower ranking points don’t reflect the outcome of the race and the way it was intended to be raced.

It will be relatively easier to rank up by entering points races and treating them like a scratch race (while everyone else sprints for intermediate points).

If that’s the intended design of Zwiftpower rankings, so be it, I guess.

I suppose it’s not important unless the rankings are used for anything else besides being a vanity metric. Personally, I’ve found the attempt to rank up quite motivating for my own riding.

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It’s kind of like you do a stacked TTT and the first team across the line get the best points, even though they might have actually finished last in the results where start delays are accounted for. :joy:

Yep, fully understood and noted. It’s just not what it was built to do.

A good chunk of the events that I organise are points based so I totally understand how this is less than ideal.

Certainly something to look into in the future.