ZwiftPower shows results out of order?

In a ZwiftPower race, several racers are out of the actual order that they had in the race, and even show their times correctly. One rider even shows as up like 5-6 places, despite having a higher time than the riders “below” them in the same category.

Can anyone explain why ZP does this? These results are at the very least different than what Zwift said immediately after the race, and seem obviously out of order.

Thats the Sweatfest race series so it’s a points race. I raced in the Sweatfest event a few hours earlier!

Points were awarded for a couple of the sprints for first 10 racers over the line, plus you get awarded points (80 for 1st, 79 for 2nd and so on) for finishing order. I had a quick look at the Primes tab where sprint positions recorded and you arent listed so the points you received were based on your finishing position.

Because you raced last week, you’ll get your points added together and if you do any of the remaining races in the series (I think its one or two more races then they go into another series straight away) then you get to see where you placed overall. The series is best of 5 races due to some event setup issues but the next series will likely be best 8 finishes over 10 races - it’s a great series they run so if you time, do the next series too!

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D’oh, totally forgot about the points from the primes. Thanks for the reminder! I wasn’t able to do many of this series of Sweatfest races because of scheduling but will definitely be doing more on the next series :smiley:

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