Zwift Power placings are way off

I did a race last night and I was towards the front at the finish (I thought I was fifth, but would believe the companion app when it told me I was 6th - that bloke was coming fast). Sorting the results in Zwift Power by time I am listed 6th, with the order matching what I saw (which was approximate) and what is in the companion. Sorting by place though I’m down in 17th. Does anyone know what is going on with that?

Race was decided by prime points (notice how the PRIMES column descends in order) and not the final placings.

“With points available at every sprint or KQOM banner, as well as at the finish line, these
races will be exciting and fun!”

Click on the Primes tab to see the placings for each prime.

Ah of course. That makes sense, thanks!