ZRL and Zwiftpower ranking result

Okay I know zwiftpower rankings are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but is it time that zwiftpower results reflect the nature of ZRL? It’s a points race, it’s a little annoying that it doesn’t reflect this at all in the results, other points races do it. Sure it may not be exactly right compared to the finalised WTRL results page, but as it is now it’s totally incorrect anyway.

/now to go yell at the clouds

i would agree given that ZP is sort of used a racers history it would good if it reflected the real result.

The problem is WTRL don’t use ZP as they have access to a zwift api so results are all on their own pages and i’m guessing don’t care or have time to update dozens of zp events each week.

Not ideal still hoping in the future we get some sort of in game configuration of an event so whether you take results from a zwift api or zp they work off the same scoring.

In game prime points would make racing much more interesting if you could see live scoring.

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Sorry - I don’t have time to set up every event for ZRL each week, and set up points in Zwiftpower when the results aren’t taken from that platform.

I get the ask, it’s just not feasible.

So, I understand the current infrastructure makes this difficult to implement for ZRL, but it isn’t a unique problem to ZRL, all points races have the issue where points are awarded to people who weren’t competing in the race that everyone else was (the guy that takes off, doesn’t compete in the points, and finishes first, even if there are ZERO points at the finish line)

Can I translate this into three asks?

  1. Have the rating points FOR ANY POINTS RACES be awarded based on the Primes column, not just finishing order
  2. Ability to bulk edit races (if we’ve got say 4 times slots of same series, ability to edit them all together)
  3. Mandate that whoever organizes ZRL put results on ZwiftPower. (Probably unreasonable ask without #2 in place, and doesn’t fix the race ranking problem that already exists for other points races)

All reasonable requests but probably needs quite a bit of work.

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