Zwift Power not giving me results

Are anyone’s results on Zwift Power not working, my last 2 events haven’t shown anything.

I’m unsure what you mean…over there on the left ZP shows that you finished 9th, 2nd (a silver trophy), and 6th. Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, those are your results for those three races.

On the right there is a score which you get after a race (highlighted yellow), this determines your ranking. circled red is where they should be but the last 2 races haven’t given me a score.

You didnt qualify for ranking points - add Ranking Before and Rank for Event to ZP columns and you will see where you were at. Basically you only get points if you beat higher quality racers. Beating low quality racers won’t shift the dial.

If you dont understanding ZP ranking, then this might help

The ZP FAQ is around so if you really need it, I’ll dig it out for for.

I believe he should still have values listed in the “Result” column (unless of course the event was a group ride or TTT). In the event that a racer’s earned result isn’t low enough to improve/reduce their ZP ranking (meaning the result for that event is higher than the rider’s lowest five scores in the last 60 days) then the result still shows, there just won’t be anything listed in the next column to the right (Gain), because rider’s ZP ranking score didn’t improve with that event. You can even see this displayed for a few events listed in the graphic included in the article you linked to.

As far as why the OP doesn’t have anything at all listed in the “Result” column for those events…perhaps the promoter hasn’t finalized the results or something? When you pull up the full list of results for those events do all the other competitors show values in the “Results” column?

Thanks Dean, that explains it for me.

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It doesn’t seem to apply to all races. I have no idea why.

The results looked finalised to me though am surprised his latest one was processed as quickly as it has been.

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There were only 4 ZP finishers in Crit race - there must be more than 4 for a race result to be produced.

I don’t think Flat Is Fast race results have been produced yet - even now, 3-4 hours after your post, race result calculation is not up beyond 1pm UK time for yesterday. I have noticed recently that the start of WTRL events really slows up the race ranking results calculations.

Correction : odd some seem to be processed and other races not !? Looks like a block of races early to late afternoon UK time not processed yesterday.

What I have noticed is that ranking gets applied fairly quickly on ZP (perhaps after an hour or two?) and then for a small period they disappear (from everyone) for a longer period then come back a few hours later unchanged. Not sure I have seen that over the longer term but certainly for months. Would be good to know the batch processing tasks ZP undergoes.

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Same here… I did that same Flat is Fast one (in C) but still no results. Wish I knew how that process worked.

Your ranking result has been calculated but the highest ranking score you can be awarded is 600(ish). If you would have been awarded more than 600 you get shown as having been awarded no ranking at all - not very clever in my opinion.

In your race, because of the large field and relatively low ranked racers, the cut off point was 87th place before no further ranking points were awarded.

When you are looking at results
Click on the columns tab
At the bottom of the drop down menu
Click on the words Rank Before & Rank For Event

This will then provide a slightly clearer picture of how ranking points are being awarded.

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Hmm… Yeah I see what you’re saying now. They should at least give you some kind of indication like - You’re so lame! Get back to the Dirty D’s where you belong! :sweat_smile:


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