No gain no result zwift Power

Hello everyone
I ve done 2 races , i m béginner but i don t have result or gain on zwift power ?
My race ranking stay 600
Do you know what is problem??
Thank you si much everyone
Have a good day

In each of the two races you placed in a position which would have delivered a result higher than 600 points.

Zwift does not show a result score which is higher than 600.

Your Race Ranking or Before score is 600.

Zwift does not appear to show a Before score of exactly 600.

So it might appear that the ZP race results calculations aren’t being done for you but they are. Unfortunately until you place in a high enough position to score a result of less than 600 points your Before, Result and Gain will continue to show blank/nothing.

Thank you very much !!
Have a good day

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Hello everyone
i ve done a lot of races but i can t see gain or result in zwift power .
Do you know why ??
My category is C , i don t understand, my race ranking stay on 600

thank you so much


I’m sorry to say your positions in your last two races have not been good enough to secure you a race Result of better than 600 so there is no change to your Race Ranking.

I’m afraid the reason is the same as it was 5 days ago.

The bad news about the race categorisation system is that you have the basic raw power to be classed in Category C. Unfortunately being new to Zwift raw power doesn’t guarantee you a race place high enough to score Zwift Result points better than 600.

Keep racing, hit the first 3-4 minutes as hard as you can, hold the front group as long as you can and your Race Ranking score will improve.

To be honest the ZP race ranking system doesn’t really count for much under the current wkg race categorisation. Hopefully the new, soon to be introduced, Zwift Race Scoring system will offer a better and more realistic results based system.

Race On.

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Some races use categories based on the rankings which are much more sensitive to changes based on the rankings of other riders, and sometimes your power as well. If you want to monitor small changes in your race performance it’s a good thing to look at. It pulls in the data from ZwiftPower, so the updates are delayed a bit, but it ranks riders differently. It also gives a bit more analysis about your power profile and the type of route you do best on. Your ranking there has been steadily improving, mostly based on your improved power numbers on Nov 21.

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Thank you for your help!

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