Understanding zwift power

I joined a race in ZWift academy and want to understand the results as presented in Zwift Power.
Some questions:
-how can the ranking in the Power overview be different from my race result
-what are the age categories (I see, vet, mas, 70+ etc)
-what is the meaning of the column “gain”

I searched but could not find a summary explanation on Zwift Power.


Hi @John_Meijs, welcome to the forums!

Some info can be found here:

I’m not sure what you mean, can you be more specific? Are you asking why your result on Zwiftpower might be different than what you saw in the game on the race results screen? If so, not everyone is on Zwiftpower so those will be filtered out, others might be filtered out who don’t have the required equipment per the race rules such as no HRM, no Power source, etc…

I believe gain is the improvement of your zwiftpower ranking… not really relevant to anything…

Thanks Mike, all clear now.
I also found some helpfull Youtube tutorials in the meantime.

Shane miller good video about Zwift , i do some video on youtube as well. bathsalts1st @John_Meijs