Race ranking question

Not sure if I get this right, but it seems like I suddenly was bumped to 349.98 pts before today’s race. Please explain :slight_smile:
The columns are Before, Result, and Gain

Sounds like one or more of your earlier results turned into a pumpkin… I mean became over 90 days old.

Could be. Still don’t get it (it’s getting late) :wink:

Yes, I was about to suggest the Tour of New York might have something to do with it. You’re definitely not alone, my ranking just went up by 45 points as well :smiley:

Zwift has raised the bar :nerd_face:

I think it just removed some results - either results that weren’t races (like TdZ) or results that were 90 days old.

AFAK the race ranking points is calculated as

A riders ranking going into every race is calculated from the average of their 5 best results in the past 3 months . Zwift Power - Rankings

Mine should then be 237.49+378.81+351.38+318.80+292.27 / 5 = 315.75

Thx! 12/20 - 03/20. It was close :wink:

I have completed a few races with rankings, however some of the results are not showing on my ranking profile and the best of 5 are also not showing the actual best results. Is there a way to refresh the profile to include all rankings?

I have learned that these questions can be sent to zwiftpower@zwift.com.

Refresh Profile button should update. Only best 5 from past 90 days qualify.