Race Ranking and ZPoints not up to date

Hi there,

my race ranking and zpoints did not changed since a few weeks. I ride on WTRL TTT Events every week and directely after the race I can see my result and gain, but nothing changed in my profile.

I stuck at the same ranking and points.

Please see my profile: 900432

all my team mates improve her points and ranking with the same races.

Many thanks

Nky sute but i think Zwiftpower points are incorrect anyway.

There should not be any ranking points for any TTT race (also not for ZRL) but they are all still granted to people which doesn’t make any sense at all.

Zwift has gone the wrong way with Zwiftpower.

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I’ve just checked my ZPoints score and the race part of the calculation is including two WTRL TTT’s and my Duathlon League results - which is complete nonsense as somehow it gave me a win when everyone finished on 15 minutes!!! So I have four garbage scores out of five results… come on Zwift, if ZPoints is worth doing, it’s worth doing vaguely properly. Please invest some of the increased subscriptions back into the basics.