Race rankng

I don’t believe race ranking is calculating at the moment. Checked races from yesterday and all seem blank.

Is it broken?



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Also, the .fit files from last night’s wtrl TTT haven’t replaced the live power data yet, nor have last weeks. Any news on when this will happen? My numbers are way off and keeping me in the wrong race category

I guess Z points and rankings could get o it if control?

Not sure if it’s broken off the top of my head. The points ranking system as it is built on the back end is one of the last great frontiers we have to tackle to be sure we fully understand.

In all honesty, there are some features of the site that you all know I’ve never even seen, and that speaks to the quality of the data that can be found on the site. I’m not shy admitting that I’ve learned a thing or two from you all over the weeks.

At any rate, I’ll take a peek and as is tradition around here now, please give me examples of what you’re seeing that support this when you come across it, and, more important, what you expect should be happening under “normal” circumstances.


Flint, I feel for you. Really. You got handed a box of parts and were told to get this thing assembled without the required documentation. On top of that, the customers are banging on the door asking where their data is.

Good luck and I mean that in the strongest possible terms. Hopefully you can get this put together before they show up with pitchforks and torches…


Really, thank you. I’ll do my best for you all, all I ask is for a little patience.


I will say, I am hoping to can straighten out my green bolts in the TdZ Stage 4 and 5 events. I’d hate to start sharpening up the pitchforks…

@xflintx has been awesome! You’ve restored some faith in Zwift customer engagement as far as I am concerned. You dont have to fix stuff straight away just being honest and reply to customers goes a long way.

I can confirm this now seems to be fixed there was a 24 hour pause in processing but seem to be caught up.

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A lot of users still waiting for green bolts on the previous 2 WTRL TTT results to turn blue.

There is a difference of around 30w on both my 20 min powers between live data and .fit files. Keeping me in cat B ranking on ZP rather than going up to A.

Only thinking of fairness when racing.

Hope these races get synced soon, I’ve emailed details of this to zwiftpower@zwift.com

Keep up the good work guys I know you have a lot to do.

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Maybe I should know this as I used to really pay attention to my rank within Category but does your individual rank only update/change after the fit file is processed or does it change with the live data?

I don’t think there is much of a link between data and race ranking it’s possible for ranking points to calculate before everyone’s data is in as far as I can see.