WTRL TTTs back to 11/5 still showing rider rankings

WTRL TTTs back to 11/5 still showing rider rankings. TTTs are supposed to have there rider rankings cleared after results are finalized.

I’ve got points from the 4th Nov TTT and also the ZRL TTT which was on the 8th.

Probably best to reach out to race control at WTRL for this one or chase up zwiftpower@zwift.com to see if they can configure them by default correctly.

Hey Gordon. Race Control at WTRL was the first place I went. They sent me here. LOL.
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I’m unclear - are you talking about the results posted on WTRL, or the results on ZwiftPower?

If WTRL - this is a question for WTRL
If ZwiftPower - @JamesBailey should be able to help.

Please clarify what you’re after?

It’s a ZwiftPower event configuration issue. TTTs should not impact rankings due to their nature, but they have.

it’s zwiftpower.

WTRL used to request that their events are not categorised as races as they skew the ranking points due to having the delayed starts the winner is not really the winner.

I assume they could probably edit themselves back to rides but they have stopped doing this.

Trying to get some clarity on how to get this done. I’ll report back.

So, not as easy as hitting a button. We’re adding it to the workstack for January to try to ensure that all TTTs don’t receive ranking points indefinitely.


if it’s possible to keep zp live stats though would be good.

Don’t follow?

normally when you turn a event into a ride rather than race on zp it disables the zp live tab.

Or ideally as it was before if there was some better way to make them non ranking after the event which i assume wtrl or zp team did manually.

I don’t think that WTRL would have had access to do that manually (I’m a full site admin and don’t have the ability to do so). I’ll take into accounts your point about the live data though, thanks.

I’ve arranged a meeting with Flint to go through anything we have open on ZP next week and we’ll look to prioritise so we can do a sprint in January/February (hopefully Jan).

yes was unsure, i did spot this in the edit page but assume it’s something different. Never used this option myself.

If you can find a link to a TTT result where the ranking results have been removed, I’ll check it out.


Yep, I think you’re right

What’s interesting is that the live data is still there…

We need to find a way of automating this that doesn’t involve me going through every TTT for the last 3 months :slight_smile:

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Sadly no. I’ve found an event that did give out ranking points that is also set as a ride. Thought that would have been a bit easy!

yep that did seem too easy. my race from last night has no ranking???


Who knows :rofl:

I’ll run through it with Flint next week, we have a couple things on rankings and zpoints to discuss anyhow.