Racing points WTRL TTT


I may be reading this wrongly but it seems racing points have been awarded to individual riders in TTT events of the wtrl racing league.

I think this is wrong for two reasons

First race points are an individual ranking and team support shouldn’t come into it.

Second as the events were set off in reverse order the best riders looked like they finished last and the weaker riders in too places. This skews the award of points.

Can I suggest race ranking points are turned off for all future TTT events.

I think they are awarded automatically but removed at the same time when the results are corrected so the start delays are subtracted from the finish times (you can also see that the category letters are different in the revised results). Just give it a day or two.

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Agree with the above and bumping as it is still a problem.

This is still a problem, e.g. race 2084977 has assigned nonsensical ranking points.