Zwiftpower, WTRL TTT and unfair ranking points


I have noticed that because the Zwift Racing League on WTRL uses staggered start for teams on TTT, the team that starts first (and presumably also finishes first) gets a unfair ranking points for its team members. This is due to the fact that all teams race in the same event and the first team will beat all the other teams that will start later, at 30 second intervals.

I hope that Zwift are aware of this issue which is related to the way TTT events are carried out on Zwift. For now, maybe disabling ranking points for TTT events could be a solution. In the long run a better way to host TTT events would be desirable.

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I’d have thought some enhancements to the existing ITT start system would be just the ticket. A lot of the work is already there. It’d need tweaking of course, but with up to 8 riders lined up on each rank it seems like it should be easy to set off a whole row/team at the same time at fixed intervals.

I remember previously the TTT events not getting ranking points.


Agree with this topic

I noted several recent wtrl TTT events where rankings were awarded.

Please can they be disabled on future events of this type?