Zwiftpower results

Hi - I’m new to Zwiftpower and I’m confused by the results of a race I participated in.

I’m not allowed to include a link in this post but to see the results I mean google “zwiftpower events 1645480” Then select the “L” category from the list above the results - ‘L’ in this case is a category in the WTRL league)

My query is: The place order listed does not match the finish times. i.e. the winner (indicated by the gold cup) did not get the fastest time. Instead the fastest rider is listed in position 42. Many of the places look wrong according to the finish times. Is this a bug in Zwiftpower or is there a reason for this I’ve not understood?

I think WTRL does their own results on their website for TTT’s

For WTRL TTTs each team starts with a delay from the original race start. ZP’s timings may well not reflect these delays, hence the mismatch. As Mike said, check the WTRL site.