ZPoints calculations

I have been challenging myself over the past two years to improve my ZPoints score - its a combination of six best hilly segments, power over 1/5/20 mins and six best race results. However currently, my recent race results include two WTRL TTT’s and the ‘results’ from my Zwift Duathlon League event (where everyone gets the same time as the whole point is to see how far we can cycle/run in 35/15 minutes) - so my race points result is complete rubbish - previously these results were deleted but they seem to be left there now, what is the status of this now? And what is the point of running what could be a great system if it’s not maintained?

I’m not certain who is responsible for getting those deleted, but I think a good starting point would be racecontrol@wtrl.racing as they may need to ask for a batch of results to be removed, in the same way that you don’t get ranking points for the Thursday TTTs.

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Many thanks - I’ve contacted WTRL and they’ve said they can’t influence how ZwiftPower report the results, and I’ve also contacted Zwift who say basically nothing - its been passed to the developers, but otherwise to raise it on this forum. Very disappointing that the personal service/common sense side of ZwiftPower got completely lost after Zwift took it over. So I’ve got ranking points from the TTT’s and duathlon league which are totally meaningless & no way to edit. Sigh.

From Flints posts, they are working on a big ZP project at the moment (I don’t know the details). The fact that it has been passed to the developers says that they have acknowledged it but it will be a low priority issue. It looks like I have ranking points for my last TTT so I’ll have a chat with Flint.

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Interesting re the big project! And thank you - will look up Flint :slight_smile: