Zpoints Not Calculating

Hey Zwift racers, riders, and ZwiftPower aficionados!

Some of you may have noticed that Zpoints are not seeming to work, and we’re aware of that issue.

Right now, we have some loose hypotheses as to why, and we think it’s affecting mostly newer accounts, though we’re not 100% certain.

We’re looking into it; our engineering team and I had a discussion today, so everyone that can get a fix for you is aware of it.

We’re also not sure if we can go back and reward those points retroactively in the event they weren’t being awarded during this time as opposed to just not showing. You may see some lost Zpoints, and I’m sorry if we’re not able to get those back into place for you.

A sincere and big thanks to those of you who reported it and to those of you who helped add your findings alongside the original reports.

Ride On. :ride_on:

Not sure what is considered a “new” account, but my points are also stuck at 300 and my account is ~2 years old.

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My zwift account is about 4-5 years old now and zwiftpower about 3 years.
What I’m seeing is points appear and then disappear again a few days later

Andy, are you talking ranking points or ZPoints?

Ranking points are awarded for your position in a race (I know, that’s a massively over-simplification of them) whereas ZPoints are awarded for your best 20 minute power and things like that.

I think you’re talking ranking points and that’s something I’m aware of.

My zpoints are stuck too and I have a fairly old account. Many new segment are stuck to 300 points even with very good times.
Meanwhile my kid’s zpoints aren’t stuck.

In fact, only the neokyo segments zpoints are stuck on 300.

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Yes you’re right I meant ranking points and gain from races. Is there an existing thread I should be following for that issue?

Somewhere :slight_smile:

I’ll try and summarise where we are on the open issues next week.

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I confirm : I got my last points from Keith hill but still stuck to 300 for any Neokyo segment…

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Hey everyone - the issue should be fixed now, so please check your zPoints! It’s our hope that the points should calculate for the missing races, since it appears the issue was related to showing the points rather than calculating them, but it’s likely you can expect some wonkiness here and there.

Again, we’re not able to go back and award the points if they’re missing, and I’m sorry for that one. Thanks for your patience on this matter.


Looks like my points from previous races are still stuck at 300. Thanks for the fix though.

Edit: It is now working and my points have been properly calculated. Thanks!

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Thank you Flint. Everything seems to be working fine. Tonight you have updated my points. I take the opportunity to ask for a help, how does the score in the “Zwift Duathlon League” work? It seems to me that running points are awarded without any connection.

I’d suggest emailing racecontrol@wtrl.racing

All seems to be working now. Thank you

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Would be nice if you could clean up the segment leaderboards a bit. The top efforts are used in the calculation of ZPoints for the segments, and there are some pretty ridiculous and unrealistic times at the top for some of them.

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My zpoints for 1 min p is stuck at 600 for over a month now. Or is it not possible to gain more points than 600?

It says to check the standings page for the calculations: ZwiftPower - Login

Click FAQ at the top. Yes, 600pts is the maximum.