Segments ZPoint limited to maximum 300 points

Hi there,

I’m trying to improve my ZPoints ranking, but I’ve noticed that for about the past 2 weeks you can only get maximum 300 points.

It happended now for following segments:

Ally Sprint Reverse
Castle Park Sprint Reverse
Railway Sprint
Rooftop KOM
Tower Sprint Reverse

All Makuri Islands segments, but I did get more points for other Makuri Island segments in the past.

Is this is new rule ? Does this apply for all segments from now on ?


Hi, this may explain it: Zpoints Not Calculating

Thx for your reply, Dave.

It might indeed explain my issue. Hope they’ll solve it soon.


Zwift has fixed the issue !!!

My ZPoints are now above 5.000 points, which was my goal this year. YEAH !!!

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