Zpoints segments issue/question

Last friday I participated in a group ride that would hit a few segments for which I believed I could set a new PR and thus earn some extra segment points for my zpoints ranking. The event is listed on my activities page and the new PR I set for the Epic KOM reverse shows up in the segments list under Zpoints (not among the top 6 though). So apparently the ride was processed. However, I also set a (serious) new PR on the Village Sprint Reverse (which is in the top 6 and thus should get me some extra points). Under segements however, it still shows my old PR. The same thing happened for a PR I recently rode on the Volcano KOM, but that was at the end of a ride and that may apparently cause a problem sometimes? The reverse sprint however was NOT at the end of the ride, but after only a few kilometers and the PR shows up in both Zwift and Strava.
During the same ride I also tried for a new PR on Titans Grove Reverse. However, despite averaging about 9% more watts and being 1 kg lighter than when I rode the PR (on a ZZRC group ride on april 18) I ended up being 1.5-2 seconds slower. This time I ascended pretty much alone, while on the PR there were other riders around me that I sometimes overtook or that maybe overtook me. Might there however still have been a noticeable drafting effect on that climb?
What also is odd is that my recent (may 24th) PR on the Alpe was correctly picked up but the wattage that is reported differs significantly from the activities report on both Zwift and Strava (which are actully also about 5 watts apart).

I don’t think the two segments you mentioned are on the same route. Epic KOM reverse is in Watopia and Village Sprint Reverse in Makuri.

I see you did hit a new PR on the Watopia Reverse Sprint of 11.801. Unfortunately this Sprint ( like many others ) does not appear on the ZPoints table you might be looking at.

Hopefully others with more experience of draft effect when riding uphill can answer your Titans Grove question.

OK that makes sense, the Village Sprint Reverse is indeed part of the Flatland Loop on MI which I rode on april 13 and the Zwift activity report does show a PR there (unlike Strava, which maybe does not ‘know’ about this segment?). So no points for the (Watopia) Sprint Reverse then. Oh well.

The segments have to be longer than a certain distance (maybe 500m?) to show up in Strava.