ZP segment error

I raced the WTRL TTT #100 this afternoon, and after entering zp, I noticed that I got no zpoint from my Watopia KOM Reverse segment, although I pushed hard. The reason is that the record holder on the segment is a clear measurement bug, since he pushed just 2,6 w/kg.
So Zwift Team - Could you please delete this record, so everyone could get the zpoints they deserved ?

Probably best to make the request to the Zwiftpower team by emailing them - zwiftpower@zwift.com (they dont participate in these forums like Sticky used to in the old ZP forums).

I would imagine with the new bug effecting all the TACX trainers (people have new found power they didnt know they had thanks to the bug) with the latest release, all the segment stats will be thrown out too.

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