ZwiftPower segment bests not registering on ZPoints

Hey Zwift Team,

Recently noticed a couple of segment bests are not being updated on the ZPoints on ZwiftPower. I completed a few races where my main aim was to achieve a personal best time for the hill climbs (Alpe Du Zwift and Ven Top are 2 examples below). Pre-race I checked what zwiftpower had down as my best and tried to beat it. On both hill climbs I beat my previous best, but they didn’t register at all. I know it usually takes 24 hours before they get registered on ZPoints, but for one race weeks have past, and the other is a few days now. Everything seems fine on strava for both, so I’m not sure if there is an issue or if I am misunderstanding something. I like trying to improve the ZPoints total, so it’s a bit demotivating when your bests don’t register :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Jul 11th - Alpe Du Zwift: zid=2176134
Aug 1st - Ven Top: zid=2213859

There’s a bug with the Zwift/ZwiftPower interface, been there for years. If the finish line of a race and finish line of a segment are the same, the segment will only get recorded in ZwiftPower sometimes (about half the time or less, in my experience)

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Hi Craig, thanks for sharing your insights, that’s interesting. Hopefully it’s a bug they will consider fixing in the future. Cheers!

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.