Zwiftpower Sprint Error

My sprint times & points don’t seem to be updating in Zwiftpower, once your event data is blue arrow it should log the correct sprint time as well yes? Or does this take extra time to update? The event was 6 hours ago. Is it best to contact Zwift support directly with this? Several other sprint PR’s are incorrect! :upside_down_face:

Kelly :ride_on:

Kelly, can you share the id of the event that you entered? Once the blue lightning bolt is there (as opposed to green) it means it’s using data from your fit file.

What is missing?

Hi James
Thanks for replying.
My ride data has the blue lighting bolt but it hasn’t uploaded my sprint which took place within the event:

But my Zwiftpower best sprint time for this segment still shows as this:

Will this be updated correctly?
Many thanks! :ride_on:

Sorry also the event was RO4H at 11.05am GMT

Hi Kelly,

This may be because it was a group ride and not a race.

I’ll try and get clarification.

Hi James
Ok thank you - my previous PR segments that would show on the overall leaderboard in Zwiftpower were definitely not always from races so if that’s the case is this a new rule?

Many thanks for looking into this for me!

Thanks Kelly. I was pondering rather than saying it was the actual case.

I have someone looking into this now for you.

Thanks a lot! :ride_on:

Hi Kelly,

It’s because that segment was actually the Tower Sprint Reverse, which is showing up correctly on your Points.

I am so sorry!!! Still getting used to the course and didn’t realise it was the reverse sprint! :grimacing: Ooops!
Sorry about that & thanks for getting back to me so quickly!!

Hope you don’t mind me using this thread to contact you about four very similar questions. Kelly’s question reminded me that I felt some of my own segment times were not making it through to my record of segment times and sometimes not getting through to my Zpoints fastest segments section. Accordingly I decided to look at it in more depth last night. I have four main questions:

  1. Did you manage to find an answer to which Events count? When looking at some of my segment times I noticed that there is an ‘Events’ tab alongside the name of the selected segment. I tried this ‘Events’ tab and found that some of the segments listed forthcoming events - some didn’t. I’m wondering whether event/group ride organisers have the option to decide whether they wish their event/ride to feed back segment times to ZwiftPower. I can understand why a group ride organiser might not want to encourage sprinting and mountain climbing in order to keep the group together.
  2. Yesterday 3rd Feb 2022 I rode in the ZZRC 1.5 recovery ride at 18:20 GMT / UTC and put in an effort on the Watopia KOM Forward. My effort was good enough to become my PB so expected it to make its way through to my ZPoints record for fastest segments. Pretty much as soon as the group ride results came in I found that my segment times (4 different segments) were all being reported under the relevant segments. However I noticed that my fastest time was not immediately updated on the Zpoints record. I waited past midnight to see if it was an end of day operation, then past 1am and then 2am and still nothing updated. When I woke this morning at 07.45 I noticed that the fastest time record had been updated and my new ZPoints assigned. So question is do the ZPoints fastest times only get updated at a set time each day in the world or by time zone?
  3. Are riders supposed to be able to collect ZPoints for every segment that exists? IMHO I believe there are some segments which are not feeding into the ZPoints calculation. I have only checked a few of my own but in the last 3 months I have completed the Watopia Sprint forward and reverse and also the Innsbruck Sprint forward and reverse. None of these four segments are reporting back to my ZPoints fastest times record. (I have only sampled a handful of fast sprinters but have yet to find anyone who has any ZPoints based on their times from these four segments )
  4. How are Segment ZPoints calculated? I have read the FAQ section which covers how they are calculated but can’t make it all add up, is the calculation still following the method laid out in that FAQ answer? Initially the answer says that the fastest legitimate segment is multiplied by 3 to set a ‘standard time’. I don’t see that this ‘standard time’ is used again in the calculation example which the answer goes on to show. Example shows 85 seconds as fastest time. Then to get points must go under 170 seconds. (Which is exactly 2x fastest time and not the 3x or ‘standard time’ ) I’m not sure if the answer example is particularly accurate but on the current Watopia KOM Forward fastest time is 1:19 and Zpoints are being awarded to anyone doing better than 4:40 and obviously 4:40 is more than both 2x and also 3x the fastest time. I’m not sure what I am missing or where I have gone wrong and wonder if there is a new background calculation being used to work out the ‘Standard Time’

James - sorry this is a bit on the long side but hopefully you have some easily obtainable information which you can quickly cut and paste to help me out.

Many thanks

It should be all events that are published on ZP

Yeah, these are updated daily (given HQ is in California it’s probably in the middle of the night for Europe).

Every segment that is listed. If there are ones that are missing, drop me a note and I’ll see if I can get them added.

Genuinely have no idea! I’ll try to remember to find out next week!

Thank you for prompt reply, hope you had a good weekend.
I had too much time on my hands this weekend so, as I think you requested, have looked up all those segments which I don’t think are being fed into the ZPoints calculation. If I’m correct it’s rather a lot:
Fuego flats long
Fuego flats short
Volcano circuit forward
Volcano circuit reverse
Watopia sprint forward
Watopia sprint reverse

Reverse street 23
Reverse sprint
Reverse sprint 2
Richmond 23rd Street
Richmond Sprint
Richmond sprint reverse

The Mall sprint reverse

Innsbruck sprint forward
Innsbruck sprint reverse

Central Park reverse
NY Sprint
Ny sprint 2

Yorkshire sprint forward
Yorkshire sprint reverse
Yorkshire UCI lap forward
Yorkshire UCI lap reverse

Aqueduct KOM
Ballon sprint
Ballon sprint reverse
Marina sprint
Marina sprint reverse
Pave sprint
Pave sprint reverse

All four of the Paris segments

All four of the Crit City segments

I believe Makuri Island segments all ok except you show:
Railway sprint reverse as a segment but it is not yet a timed segment although covered as part of Temples and Towers route
Rooftop KOM reverse shown as a segment but it is not yet a timed segment although covered as part of the Railways and Rooftops route.

I will await your update on how ZPoints are calculated.

Thanks Ian.

I suspect that’s intentional, but I’ll have a chat.

Rooftop KOM is only a segment in one direction (a bit like Petit KOM)

Know you are busy on other projects/threads but wondering if you had an answer to my ‘Are riders supposed to be able to get ZPoints from every segment that exists’ question.

Also I have now finally managed to work out how segment ZPoints are collected so no need for you to answer that one.

As always thanks for all your help and replies.

Hi Ian,

Sorry I didn’t get back to you on this. It won’t be every segment that exists, but I think it would be fun if it were.

Be interested if you would share how the points are calculated though :slight_smile:

Hi James,

Thought it might be easier to ask a similar question here rather than start a new thread. I completed a group ride two days ago and it now has the blue lightning tick, but I haven’t seen the segment appear in my zPoints (The Mall Sprint Reverse), any chance of looking into why this might be the case?

Many thanks!


First instinct without looking is that you probably did the forward sprint. What was the route you did?

It was definitely the reverse as I did the forward sprint (uphill on ZP) the week before and that was added to my zPoints. Here is the event ID if that’s any help: 3028989 (Should be CRYO-GEN Power Tuesday Group Ride)

I should add my time is showing in the segment leaderboard for the reverse, just not updated to my zPoints.