Where do we find the segments that qualify for ZPoints?

The old Zwiftpower board had this post which obviously is not going to be updated anymore. Would like to know which segments in Makuri Islands will now count.



I’d really like to know this too - I’ve just seen a Sprint segment appear in my zPoints listing, very surprised because I remember asking in the old forum and Sticky replied saying flat and sprint segments would not be included (presumably due to the big benefit of drafting). Are all the segments now counting towards zPoints? Can’t find any info anywhere…

Any chance of an answer here? Or do we just use trial and error? Poor service…

Is it one of the new sprints? Only sprint I’ve got on there is the Aqueduct KOM… (not a KOM)… but I’ve never done an event full gas in Makuri.

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anything that zwift call a KOM or a sprint will be a zwift power segment.
On zwift power there is a drop down called segments as well as the list in an old zwift power forum

The new ones I know about:

London - The Mall Sprint (I’ve only gotten the forward but I would imagine the reverse is on there)
Makuri - The Village Sprint, The Country Sprint, The Castle KOM and The Temple KOM. My comment about forward and reverse stand here too.

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Yes, but we’re talking about what segments can be your scoring segments in the ‘zPoints’ tab in Zwiftpower and contribute to your zPoints ranking. It had been believed (see thread from ZwiftPower forum linked above) that sprint segments were not counted for zPoints - only KOM and some of the loops/circuits

This is a list of the current Segments that accrue ZPoints:-

Jungle Circuit
Volcano Climb
Alpe du Zwift
Watopia Epic KOM Forward
Watopia Epic KOM Reverse
Watopia KOM Forward
Watopia KOM Reverse

London Loop Forward
London Box Hill
London Fox Hill
London Keith Hill
London Leith Hill

Innsbruck KOM Forward
Innsbruck KOM Reverse
Innsbruck UCI Lap

Richmond Libby Hill
Richmond UCI
Reverse KOM
Reverse UCI

NY Climb Forward
NY Climb Reverse
Central Park Loop
Central Park Reverse

Bologna TT Lap

Titans Grove Forward
Titans Grove Reverse

Yorkshire KOM Forward
Yorkshire KOM Reverse

France Petit KOM
Aqueduc KOM

It might have been at one point, but I have had Country Sprint & it’s reverse contribute to my zpoints.
The list of segments in the drop down menu (top row) does seem to match those available to score points from, when in a group ride or race.
So I think this can be chalked up a win for the Zwift take over of Zwift Power (well mainly people repeated asking for segments on the new roads after the take over)

I’m pretty sure that it’s not all of the sprints though, the only ones people are saying they’ve seen there are Makuri and the Mall sprint - I’d guess that when they added the new segments they added them to zPoints as well, without keeping consistent with the zPoints.

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it’s a good question, only way to answer is to try to go fast enough to qualify for the points on a sprint segment, which in it’s self is not ideal as sprinting has a disproportionate wearing effect on your legs compared to steady miles/ kms, so whereas I can sprint I’d rather ride everyday and rack up the KMs.
Another complication with segments is it a rolling 90 days, so one of mine took 5+ days to qualify ie it looks like it had to wait for better times to expire.
With the off the MAAP running, those segments will be harder to score on as you might not qualify or be lower down the normal distribution curve then normal.
Popular race/ group ride routes will also be harder to score on.
Like a lot of Zwift, there is no documentation, just what we observe and hopefully pass on to the rest, then an update changes it all again!

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I do races with points for fastest time on segments every week, and I’m a better sprinter than climber, so I’m pretty sure if all the sprints were counting, I’d have seen at least one of the sprints on my zPoints at some time in the past.
The thing about this is that it IS documented, but then after Zwift took over ZwiftPower they seem to have made changes, intentional or not, and not documented the changes.

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It WAS documented, but do the old frozen ZP forum posts count? :slight_smile:
If you are sprinting and not getting sprint segments then we all need to ask @xflintx nicely to get these sprint segments created on the rest of the worlds, or let us know that they are there, but that we’re just not fast enough to qualify for points!

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Having a quick look around, only the Makuri Island sprints get you zpoints.
Please can all the Sprints give you zpoints, “sweat sells” :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the replies - it does seem that the Makuri island sprints & London Mall (strange !) are the only sprints to now count for zPoints - certainly the sprint and long flat segment on Tempus Fugit do not, as I did a time trial on there a couple of days ago and got a nice lot of racing points but nothing on segments. I guess we have to maintain our own lists for now! The rationale for not having sprint or flat segments was that one rider’s result could be massively influenced by drafting, I remember sticky answering a question pre Zwift takeover saying the segment had to have a certain amount of elevation in it. Obviously this has changed. Pity there’s no announcement! Come on Zwift!

One of my favourites is Richmond - can sprint up libby hill is a minute and a bit, good points there!