Watopia segments that aren’t in race or event routes

My club normally has an outdoor segment of the month comp on a nominated local Strava segment. No drafting and no TT rig are the rules de jour.

Looking to move it to Zwift for April amidst Covid-19. But am wondering how i might be able to find a Watopia segment (sprint, KOM or short route) that is unlikely to feature in a race or event where times would be smashed by anyone in a race group draft.

Need to be able to see the segment in Strava at month end to tally results so am thinking that is beast as a zwiftinsider verified Strava segment perhaps?


I’d choose a Watopia (always available) climb which would mostly remove drafting problems.

How about image

A nice little climb near to the main starting point too.


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You’re probably going to need to come up with a segment that’s got an odd manual turn in it, that way it’s unlikely to feature on any of the standard routes and so be affected by race group drafts.

I could probably suggest a segment or two, but it depends on what you want in terms of distance / climbing etc. and on which map. Watopia is easiest as that’s open every day - you don’t want a segment on one of the UCI World’s maps as riders will only have 1 or 2 days a month to complete it.


I would think the Epic KOM forward (Zwift Insider verified) or the Reverse option. would be good options not a lot of races goes up that climb.

You can ask your club members not to attempt the segment in a race, and the segment will be not counted if it was done during a race.


This would probably eliminate all race efforts but your club members would really need to know where to turn ahead of time.

Thanks Gerrie

Yeh I think I might need to choose one that is easy to find - not all as Zwift experienced as others

Thanks Steven. Might take you up on this for month after next if all goes well with an established in for April.

Thanks all. Will put Zwift Island Climb and EPIC KOM to the vote tonight. I bet I know which one they go for :slight_smile: