ZP segments

Could we get a post on segments that count towards to ZPs?? :blush:

I always thought they were the ones listed here(???):

I wish! Only a select few count. Used to be a list on the old forum but i cannot find it.

Found it!

Jungle Circuit
Volcano Climb
Alpe du Zwift
Watopia Epic KOM Forward
Watopia Epic KOM Reverse
Watopia KOM Forward
Watopia KOM Reverse

London Loop Forward
London Box Hill
London Fox Hill
London Keith Hill
London Leith Hill

Innsbruck KOM Forward
Innsbruck KOM Reverse
Innsbruck UCI Lap

Richmond Libby Hill
Richmond UCI
Reverse KOM
Reverse UCI

NY Climb Forward
NY Climb Reverse
Central Park Loop
Central Park Reverse

Bologna TT Lap

Titans Grove Forward
Titans Grove Reverse

Yorkshire KOM Forward
Yorkshire KOM Reverse

France Petit KOM
Aqueduc KOM

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Another school day it seems!