New to Zwift

Hey Guys,


Fairly new to Zwift and had a couple question, I know there’s a lot in the FAQ section but sometime it’s easier just to ask. 

When your on a ride and it picks up a “Segment” or a timed portion of the route. Is there a way to make it automatically take the right turn at the intersection. For example I was almost the top of the big hill Epic KOM and at the top there was an intersection and I picked the wrong one so I didn’t get any PR on that Epic Climb. Is there a way to fix this ??

Second question is about the Group Ride or Event. I’ve only done a few so far. The first one was fine and my ranking in the pack seemed appropriate but for the last two I’ve done (WBR Flat Ride) something is off. It shows me 44th out of 14 riders … I’m usually in B Category. I just find that it really sucks because I have no idea of where I am towards the other in the ride.

Thanks for your help !



Once you learn the routes a bit, you’ll see which one you need to complete the KOM or segment. You can over ride the default turn selection with the ZML or a mouse click too…


Look through route selections if you haven’t yet.