Wrong automatic route during race

 During today’s Big Toronto race, it appears the automatic routing sent me on a different course than the actual race. Does this happen often? 

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your question. It does not happen often. Is the Big Toronto race published on Zwift events? Can you join via Zwift mobile app or when you login to ride? If so, now you should be automatically directed in the correct direction the ride administrator selected. The avatar will automatically go the direction pre-selected. 

If this is not a Zwift event ride then the rider has to actively select the correct course at login and/or select the correct turns.


This happened to me today.  I join the 1:20pm EDT WBR 4-lap Flat race #PST event.  It was a Zwift event. I was definitely in the event (joined 4 minutes before it started, was in the starting pen, etc). 

Suddenly, at the first turn, I turned to the Volcano, while everyone else continued on the Zwift Watopia Flat Reverse course.

I was not paying enough attention to know if I had had a choice for turning or not.  I had not exited the event, as I did exit the event later when I realized what was going on.  Oddly, after the wrong turn, but before exiting the event, Zwift was still controlling my turns. I could not choose directions.

I’ve had this happen to me several times and it’s getting frustrating.

I join a group ride, wait at the start and when we all set off everyone else turns right and my rider turns left. There are no options to turn it just goes the wrong way? It mostly happens when we start from the pier in Watopia. Today my rider turned round, went off the end of the pier into the sea. I continued to ride and eventually got back on the road but was going the opposite direction to everyone else.

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This happened to me last night on a Time Trial race in London.  My rider took a left near the Tower right at the start of the ride, then went over Tower Bridge and into Surrey, whilst everyone else time trialled around London.  How could this happen guys, there must be some very dodgy code.

My rider was behaving strangely right at the start of the race too, cut a very sharp left through the rest of the field to get onto the left side.

This just happened to me, too. I joined the 10:05 WBR 4 Lap Flat Race. A) I joined the race, was prepositions to the start, but there were no other riders. B) I, too, was sent across the Tower Bridge and ended up doing the Fox Hill climb. I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to be a part of the “Flat” race. I rode10 miles of what was advertised as a 17.1 mile ride, and it still showed me on Lap 1 with 13.5 miles to go.

There seems to be an issue here, Zwift. Please look into it. 

Experienced the same in the WBR 3 lap London today. Just before end of lap 2, I took a .5 mile detail (and lost 2 minutes off my group) but in the 3rd lap it ran me through the subway to Sorrey Hill, where I finished out the miles but was further from the finish than I was 15 minutes earlier. Demoralizing to have this happen 45 minutes into a competitive race.

Experienced the same on a group event today. 

I experienced the same issue today. I ride the WBR 3 Lap Classique, was in the starting pen 10min before start. No one showed up and I raced alone (even got a jersey!). I raced in Watopia.
When I checked ZwiftPower I finished last place in my class among 16 other cyclists? I think they rode London?
I noticed while I was racing my position showed me as 52 of86 but no one else was listed. Almost like my avatar was in 2 courses at once