Wrong turn in group rides [Dec 2022; March 2024]

Since last update, I have been taking wrong turns in group rides when I late join. Very inconvenient and makes joining group rides a waste. I’m up-to-date on PC & never had an issue until last update. I have heard and seen this issue with other users. It definitely affects peoples’ ability to partake in activities on zwift and should be resolved ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Someone else reported the same issue as you recently (linked below in case mods want to merge the two reports and/or any others into a “known issue”).

To help narrow this down, what event was this? Did it have anything unusual such as different routes for different categories (eg A route on Douce France, B route on RGV or something - group rides sometimes do this) and it could partially explain source of the bug.

It helps to try and establish what causes this if it isn’t universal/happening to everyone

Also, is it the first turn it does wrong always? Or just a random turn? Does it ever do a successful full lap and then turn wrong on the 2nd/3d/4th lap, or does it always turn wrong the first time it hits a given turn?

Does your avatar indicator the correct direction and then turn wrong? Or does it indicate the wrong direction too?

And do you see the “route selection” icons on screen during the ride? I think they are usually hidden during group rides, but wondering if they’re visible for you?

Just trying to gather more data which might help flag up common causes for people this is hitting/impacting


Since there are three threads on what looks the same issue I’m just linking them here, it does seem like a general issue and looks like it needs adding to known issues if not done already?

  1. Group ride goes left, I get turned right - unable to rejoin
  2. Wrong turns in group rides when I late join
  3. Late join isnt work
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if I later participate in a wen event, at some point my avatar will follow its own route. Can this be fixed?

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Someone else reported the same issue as you recently (linked below in case mods want to merge the two reports and/or any others into a “known issue”).

Might be worth seeing if it was the same event or if there was anything in common?

Here’s the same list of questions I asked them, to try and help narrow down what might cause this or spot any common factors:

It happened on 3 rides i late joined. 2 were 505 DIRT rides and one was ZZRC ride. It seemed random. Just took a turn off. One ride I rejoined and didn’t turn off again. The other I had enough time to rejoin and turned off on box hill (2nd turnoff for same ride). Each time there were multiple riders who turned off w me. No route/direction buttons were visible bc I was in an event.

Events - Dirt Xtra long ride 12/18/22. I believe the start time was 0700 (i joined at 0708)
- zzrc sunday social club ride 12/18/2022 start time at 0430 (EST) and i jointed at 454, so when I turned off from the group coudn’t rejoin.
- Dirt Saturday endurance ride I believe 505 (EST) start time. I joined at 530.

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We had loads reporting late join issues on our PACK ride tonight. Some could not get in correctly at all, even after 10 tries.

Yeah I’ve had same issues since Saturday the 10th of December late join on dirt events failing on all routes events many riders same issue glad got genie and jaques as a good back up thanks all

I also had problems with late join this morning. Missed the start of the KISS at Base ride by just a few seconds. Late join put me in the pens and not with the group. Fine. That’s happened before. I quit and rejoined the ride. This time it showed me the results board immediately and then took me out of the group ride. I quit and rejoined again and had the same results board problem. Quit and rejoined, yet again. This time I was placed with the group but took a wrong turn at the next junction. Quit and rejoined again. Got the results board immediately again and kicked out of the ride. The next quit and rejoin finally seemed to work.

Hope this gets fixed soon!

Looks like this is one of three very similar issues recently:

  1. Group ride goes left, I get turned right - unable to rejoin
  2. Wrong turns in group rides when I late join
  3. Late join isnt work

Mine was Trek ride 70km on big foothills. I was late by about 2km and as soon as I got to the end of Titans Grove where the group turns left, my avatar went right to go into Tempus again. Bad.

Annoyingly I couldn’t U-turn either. If I could, the group actually stops at that point completely to get everyone re-grouped. If I could have done a U-turn it would have been super easy to join them.

My experience was on the MacOS version of Zwift using MacOS Monterey 12.6.1.

This seems to be a bug @shooj

On the trek 70km big foothills ride, group goes left at end of titans grove, I got automatically turned right onto Tempus.

Because it was 30 minutes into the ride I couldn’t rejoin.

Only option was to quit and join pace partner ride with some guy spamming chat about his Zwift race events. :roll_eyes:

Cam the rejoin be extended to the whole time of the event to workaround this bug please?

Any late join limit just seems like a setting in search of a reason to use it. If you’re going to allow late join at all, why limit it?

Off-topic but what system/settings are you using to only be at 39fps there?

seen a few on this recently last two weeks on our social rides a few got sent the wrong way. Can’t remember where but somebody did suggest if you join an event directly from riding with a robopacer could be possible trigger for some funny stuff.

I joined directly from the event listing on the home screen, the only difference was I was a few minutes later than the rest who rolled out from the starting area.

Come on Zwift. This has been issues for years. How has it not been fixed?!?

12/24 BMTR 1000 (A) - France - the group went left, I and 2/3 others went straight shortly after late join ended. Of course you can’t u-turn or anything like that since you’re in an event.


Same thing happened to me in Rapha 500 event this am

Entered the group ride this am in the start pens. The group went left and my avatar went right. Rode the entire lap alone only seeing riders coming in the opposite direction