Event late start for duration of event

At one point in time, late start was somewhat adjustable. Many groups have tried unsuccessfully to develop schemes for those who join Endurance rides beyond the 30 minute window to include them, but they can’t see the beacon, see the lead text chat, etc. They have to “ghost ride” the event.
If an event is an hour, if the event is 2.5 hours, why is there not a mechanism to late join an event that I signed up for?

I do Agree it would be nice to set a longer Late join.


Yes! This would be awesome. It doesn’t have to be super duper configurable, but at least an option that enables last join for the whole event. I know that the startup screen UI has been a concern in the past, but one way to deal with that is to only show events on that list that are past the 30minute mark and have this new option turned on, ONLY IF the user has already RSVPd for the event. So this won’t add tons of new events to that list for all users, just usually a single extra event for people who have already RSVPd to those events that have started more than 30 min ago, and still allow late join.


Agee. Late start all the way. Also bring you up to the leader if is not a race


This would be great!

+1 would like to see this too.:ride_on:

I just found this old thread. Slightly stunned to discover that this can’t be done. Feels pretty straightforward to if it’s a config item.

What do you say Zwift?