Setup "Event is starting" time

Zwift Staff could you guys please add an option to setup the time zwift is automatically joining an event?
Currently if missing the 4:50 mark the event is only manually joinable.
Would like to join it in the last couple of seconds.

I don’t see that happening, the reason zwift want you to join before the time is to limit a huge spike on the servers when all join at once, currently every one gets staggered around the 5 min mark.

Also it is a good practice to get in the pan early so see if every thing work and to see what instructions the ride leader has. With a 5 min buffer you will have time to restart if you did not transport to the correct race/ride or if something went wrong.

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Interesting any proof? The only days i have been seeing lags and timeouts was when some PROs like Greipel and others were around. But that it.

I’m doing a lot of events per day sometimes up to 6 and i don’t want to watch Zwift all the time so having it setup automatically would be very handy!

I think the reason you don’t see lag and timeouts is because we are all staggered in to the pen.

Wow 6 events per day.