Event entry and start issue

I’m a new Zwifter and do not have a clue how to start participating in events. I have tried twice to enter the Never Ending Cycling events but sit watching the time run down to the start then it disappears. Please give some instructions as I would love to join in.

You need to sign up for the event (best done via the Companion app on your phone) and then crucially be riding for the join event prompt to appear. It’ll be there from 30mins before the event IIRC. About 4mins 15secs before the start time, a bigger prompt will come up with an automatic join dialogue and 30sec countdown, so if you leave it you’ll be taken to the start line.

I’m guessing you just waited on the route selection screen. That screen never shows a ‘physically join’ button I’m afraid, it only allows you to sign up for the event.

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Don’t worry, a lot of people get tripped up by this because it’s not at all obvious how to join an event.

Many thanks. Now I don’t feel so stupid.