Epic Event Fail

(Christopher Warner 'WSR' (C) Kickr) #1

Tried to join my first event. It were the Coffee Club Ride to be led by V Hugo. Added myself to the riders list, selected flat route, got there early and waited for the leaders name to appear. Done a name search on the app and found him 1.7 miles into the ride. Tried to catch em up to no avail… Found a mention of event mode! Was I supposed to stay on the event screen in the app?

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Hi Christopher! It sounds like you didn’t officially join the event.  Next group ride you want to do, you can either officially sign up for the event through the Zwift mobile app a few days to 30 minutes in advance, or when logging into the game about 30 min in advance to the start of the ride you can choose the event in the upper right hand corner of the page where you would also choose the course.  When officially joining and event, you do not need to select a route, the right one will be automatically assigned to you.  Once you are in the game, there will be a button on the bottom left side of the page that says “join event”.  Click that and you’ll be teleported to the event start where you can chat and warmup alongside the rest of the event participants.  Hope to see you on a group ride soon and please let me know if you have any questions! 

(Christopher Warner 'WSR' (C) Kickr) #3

Ah! I will try again, thanks for the help Crystal… Easy when you know!!!

(David Burgess) #4

I had the same experience this morning.  All ready for my 1st event, the 6am ride. But I must have clicked the wrong button at some point as I ended up riding solo with no commentary.

I will try again tomorrow, following the instructions above.

I’ve been looking on these boards for Zwift’s instructions about how to join an event.

(Christopher Warner 'WSR' (C) Kickr) #5

Youll kick yourself tomorrow when you see those big join event buttons (I did). And wow drafting makes a big differance. May be worth loading Zwift up early just to make sure you see that button on the select route/ workout screen. Have fun and ride on regardless…