Not getting prompt to go to Event while currently riding

Hi, Its happened twice now, im scheduled for an event, and am riding in Zwift well before the start time and I never get the prompt to go to the event like I would usually expect.

There seems to be no other way to manually go to the event when this happens either?

Hi @Clive_Bennett

That is not fun when this happen. Lets see if I can help a bit.

When you sign up for an event, I assume you do it with the Companion app, be sure not to do that while you are in the main menu or startup screen, do it before you start the Zwift app or after you started riding.

Hi, thanks. So essentially only enter event before starting zwift will be easiest, I wasnt paying attention to that.

Great , ill try, I couldn’t figure out the logic why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks for the pointer

Try it and let us know.

One more thing if you are riding around and the join event has not shown 10 min before the event. then open the companion app un join the event and rejoin, the join even should pop up within seconds.