Events not joining :(

I have prepared to join the Roval/Specialized event 3 times, and despite being booked in, the app fails to join the event. I can’t seem to join any events either on iPad or iPhone.
Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am getting serious FOMO

Hi @James_Griffin

We will need more info on how you book these events, how long before the time.

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Generally it’s been an hour or so before the event starts that I register.
I booked tonight one the Companion app for the 9:00pm and the 11:00 when the first one failed.
I see the ability to have a reminder set as well, so know it has been booked in

Ok so you use the companion app while zwift is still closed, that is good.

Then when you open Zwift do you see the event in the top right of the screen?

You should start riding pick any world and any course then 30 before the event start you will see a join event popup in the left bottom of the screen.

Oh right, I was waiting on the Home Screen expecting it to take me where I need to go. I have not seen this particular instruction in the support topics or video. Will see if this makes a difference; thanks

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Super I hope you get to ride the event.

Let us know how it went.


Hey that worked, good ride! Just thinking it might help to add info on needing to be riding a map when it is time for the event?

Thanks for your help!

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