Can't join my races

For the past week, when I get to the landing page after pairing, the event I signed up for isn’t shown - and when i go to the events tab, it says that no events are available. And when I go to the world where the event takes place, I don’t get the “join ride” button. Meanwhile, the app shows me connected and riding, and the zwift screen shows that I’m using the app, so there doesn’t appear to be any connectivity issue.
Very annoying - I’ve missed several races already.

how are you signing up for the events? Companion app or zwift events website?

i have this issue sometimes too. closing the game and restarting it usually works, or you can go into a free ride and exit back to menu and the events list will appear again. sometimes it takes two tries. i don’t know what causes it unfortunately, it’s a real pain in the ■■■■. it could be a wifi issue

I always sign up via the app.
S A - thanks for confirming that you see this issue too. In many cases, closing down the game and reopening (which takes a long time on my computer) would make me miss the event, so I’m looking for a resolution that doesn’t require that. Everything worked just fine until a week or so ago.

I experience this problem periodically and if I go to Companion and remove my entry for the event and add it back, it appears in the game in a few seconds.

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Yep, that’s also been my experience.