Can't join races


When I join an event, I will then see the “Join Event” button in the lower left corner, and I also see the event countdown. I have clicked the Join event button, but nothing happens. My avatar just stays in its current location and will not join the event. The same thing happens when I let the countdown time out. This is constantly happening to me, dozens of times over the past couple weeks. Also, when I try to create a meet-up event with another zwift rider, it also doesn’t work, my avatar will not join events. I am running zwift off of a Mac book with a high speed internet connection. I am getting tired of how glitchy zwift is becoming.

One thing I have noticed is that my companion app is now running on a different wifi network, so the companion app is no longer showing me the map whilst riding. I dont care about this, so no need to fix it. However, the companion does still communicate with my Mac zwift. When I join a race using the companion app, a “Join Race” button will immediately appear on my zwift screen. But as I stated above, clicking this button, or waiting for the event countdown to time out, will do nothing. My avatar will not join the race.



Hi @Dos_B welcome to the forums.

Have you tried a full reinstall of Zwift, deleting all files and document folders first?

Have you ever been able to join events, or is this new behavior?

Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t done a full reinstall (deleting all files/docs). I will do that. I have been able to join events. I run frequently and the running events are working fine. I tried joining 10 or so events this evening, but was only successful in joining 1 event, but upon commencement my avatar took off at 70 mph. I had just calibrated my wahoo kickr snap, so not sure what happened there.

Maybe it is a crazy idea, but let me ask, do you follow the standard sequence of steps to join an event?

  1. Select an event in companion app and sign up for it through the companion up. It should show “going”.
    Do it before you even open Zwift.

  2. Start Zwift, log in. Pick any route in any land and click OK. Wait until you appear in that land (it does not have to be the same land where the event is).

  3. You can do a warm-up in this land, if you wish, or at any time you can click on “join event” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

I wonder if you are trying to join event from a wrong screen or do not sign up for it from companion app prior to starting Zwift.

If it is a meet-up, you need to accept the invitation from companion app before starting Zwift.

If your companion app is running on a different wi-fi network, it can create much more problems than just lack of map. For example, companion app may not even recognize that you are already zwifting. Communications back from companion app to the computer may also not go through.

Disconnect wi-fi from the current network on your phone and find the correct network. It takes, like, 10 seconds.