Cant join races

I was supposed to have joined a race today. The join button appeared in my lower left corner.
However, each time i pushed “join” my avatar just re-surfaced alone in watopia? I restarted zwift four or five times, and exited and rejoined the race in zwift companion. Each time the same happened, and I ended up missing the race?

Any suggestions as to how this can be fixed. Without being able to join races zwift is rether useless

Thanks in advance
/Rasmus Bohr

Hi @Rasmus_Bohr, welcome to the forums.

Were you in one of the race pens? Were there other zwift avatars on the road with you before you entered the race?

Yes, there were others. And when I pressed Join upcoming event, my avatar seemed to make a “glims” and instead of entering the race, it just resurfaced in one if the worlds - and now alone

First, make sure there are no updates for Zwift or ZC. Also, what are you running Zwift on? My sister sometimes has the same problems, since she’s on a very slow iPad

I believe both iPad and iPhone are new models - but a teammate informed me, that Zwift companion (iPhone) and Zwift (Ipad) needs to be at the same wifi in order to work.