Bug in joining Jungle Circuit Hilly races

Twice now over the past couple weeks, I’ve tried to join the event ‘3R Jungle Circuit Hilly Race’. Instead of being taken to the start pens, my avatar remains wherever it was when I tried to join the event, but all other riders disappear except for those who also joined the race. Those other riders are also in the same situation of having joined the event, but are also not transferred to the start pens.

When we reach the start time for the event, nothing happens.

Sort of bummed out by this bug, because I was hoping to get some racing in on the gravel circuit.

Did you update Zwift?

Yes, this occurred a couple weeks ago and then again yesterday following the recent update.

This also happened to me today.

Joined race via Companion app, selected Watopia and Jungle Circuit as route anyway and was transported near to Jungle/Alpe start pens (just by the windmill). Got the Join Event button but when I pressed it, I stayed exactly where I was, although the Nearby Riders display on the right hand side did change to the event name with my placing (18th out of 37 apparently) and only showed riders who had also joined, who all seemed to be having the same problem.

Quit Zwift, restarted and tried again, this time choosing a random route on Watopia which spawned me Downtown. Click Join Event, stayed where I was again (obviously miles away from the start). Quit Zwift, restarted, left world on London (default guest world), tried to Join Event and it didn’t do anything; not even change the world and the race details didn’t appear on right hand side - still showed other London free riders in list.

Quit Zwift (good job I was doing this with plenty of time to spare before the event!) and removed myself from the event in the Companion App, then re-joined it on the website instead in case this made a difference. Restarted - no it didn’t.

Decided to instead spawn myself again on the Jungle Circuit route and pedalled forward slowly until I was lined up next to where the start pens join the main road. Waited until the start time with the camera pointing down towards the start pens, just in case I could see anyone else - maybe all of them would come flying out at the second the race started and I could piggy back on them? But no, the time came and went and there was nobody there.

Ended up just trying to do the race on my own - did see three or four other riders out on the course and my position did change a few times (I’m guessing where people dropped out as they got bored trying to get this to work) but clearly it was busted.

And yes, I am on the latest version - using a Windows 10 PC, so it auto-updates. And everything else on Zwift is working fine, both with free rides and other events - just events involving the Jungle Circuit are bugged.