Joining events/races

I’m fairly new to Zwift and have done a few events. I am having an issue with joining them every time though. I think the process could be improved. I always pick the event I want beforehand on the Zwift site, but when it comes time to actually join up on my iPad I consistently get in the wrong group. Making sure the white circle is around the letter I want to join I always get put in the wrong one first try. Have to keep going in and out until I’m in the correct one. Why does it not respect the ride I had chosen earlier and just seemingly put me in a category a random? Like today, example, try to join the B ride in the first leg of Tour of Watopia. Puts me in A. End ride, try to go back in. Puts me back in A. End ride, try to start all over again, then Zwift decides to not recognize my heart rate monitor or power meter. Close app from iPad home screen. By the time i get into the proper ride it is almost 10 minutes past the start time and I am alone. But then it searches for riders and sends me up the course to a group. Am I now no longer going to get the xp for completing this route? And why are there multiple groups coming up behind me during the first few minutes? It seems they got to actually start from the beginning.

Hi @Luke_Joyner

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Clicking those small buttons on a small screen can be hard. It will be a lot easier if you use the companion app before you open Zwift to pick the event. The Companion app has big buttons and you can check what group you sighed up for.

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Hey Luke,

Sorry you’ve been having trouble joining events. Like Gerrie says below, it’s easier on the Companion App.

We’ll shortly be rolling out the New Home Screen to more users which should make this much easier in the future.