Zwift ride time vs real life ride time different

Hi there, i’m new to Zwift so not sure if this is normal or not? I’ve had a look on forums can’t see anything specific to this.

Did 2nd stage TDZ group ride today and my Zwift time says it took 1hr 24mins. However, the timeline graph shows only 68 mins, and Garmin says the same. Does the 1hr 24mins take into account the time i was logged in but not riding? I’d have thought it would just be for the stage?

TIA =-)

Warmup time in the pen?

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Thanks for the reply :+1:t2:

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Seems a bit daft to me when it’s a proper organised event though. Formula 1 don’t get time added when they do their lap to the start line and sat there lol :joy: I’ll experiment. Thing is you can’t warm up in Zwift then prior to an event starting unless you want the time added. Thank you.

Why not, you can sign up for the event then ride in any world/route until about 5 min before the start of the event then you go to the pen. If you are brave you can wait to 1 min before the start.


and Zwift will break up the rides so it won’t add time to your event or race.

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Sorry, I meant without it adding all the time in the pen/warming up to your actual event time


Mmmmm, doesn’t it suggest it does it work like that? I think maybe I’m being a bit thick lol :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: