TDZ times displayed ih companion

Can I ask why when completing a ride the time shown doesnt transfer to the companion app as the same?.
i.e time completed TDZ event was 1 hour 5 mins but when I checked on my app it shows 1 hour 11 mins.
I did save the ride after completing pretty much straight away.
Thoughts please.

Time in the starting pen counts as total time on the Companion App (I don’t like it either). Strava and ZwiftPower use the riding time accurately.

I’ve seen plenty of people say that the time difference is time spent in the pen, and I’ve assumed that to be true. But now I’m pretty sure that it’s not.

I’ve checked my last couple of TdZ activities, and the Zwift activity time definitely doesn’t include anything like the 30 minutes that I spent in the pen.

I don’t know what the differences are, but you’ll find different times reported by your Zwift activity, Zwiftpower and Strava.

Thanks for the explanation. Not good if you want to compare times. Cheers

I did Stage 8 Group B last night and finished at 43:56 and closed out Zwift (takes a few seconds). Companion App shows 46:24 which seems consistent to when I went to the start pen. Strava shows 44:05, slightly longer accounting for the time between the end of the event and closing out Zwift.

Now I’m curious and will check some others.

Is it time spent pedalling in the pen rather than just being in the pen?

It could be? That’s an interesting thought. I wasn’t pedalling for most of my 30 minutes jn the pen.

My theory isn’t right though, tested it today. Joined the pen 28mins before, started warm up 16 mins before, then raced and warmed down for 44 mins combined.

Garmin running independently measured 1hr, so: the warm up, race and warm down. Strava has the 44 mins of the race and warm down, but Companion app shows 46mins. Where it got a random 2mins 8secs in that lot I do not know

Ian, it did seem plausible because I have only really noticed since TDZ shorter rides and I generally set up the trainer and Zwift in the world screen and then get my kit on. ( it’s all a bit of a rush trying to fit it in).
I normally only enter a pen on the longer condo rides at the weekend so never noticed before.
I like have always noticed it to be a couple of minutes out on the fun world rides which is annoying when your trying to better yourself.
Map my ride always seems about right. I will have to use that more.
Many Thanks Martyn👍